FrogAsia: Level Up was a two day workshop for over 60 members of FrogAsia staff who were guided through a company workshop.

Role: Project Manager and Facilitator
Company: FrogAsia

Level Up was a series of short workshops distributed over two days. Working closely with the Executive Director and Human Resources, we planned the workshop and its purpose from concept to delivery. Researching useful tools and methodologies that would best benefit the staff.

That’s me :D

“Feedback is a Gift” Workshop
As part of a contributing piece to my Masters thesis for MA Digital Media Management at Hyper Island UK, I conducted one of the workshops based on understanding feedback as well as giving and receiving feedback.

Using Hyper Island methodology, small teams were set and given simple feedback tasks. Our discussion revolved around the idea of the Feedback Steps model and the Johari Window theory.

At the end of the event, we also experimented with a structured Reflection session to round off the day and understand our learnings.