Role: Session facilitator for Manchester Service Jam 2014 (part of Global Service Jam 2014).

Together with a few fellow Hyper Island students we facilitated the Global Service Jam 48 hour brief where teams were challenged to develop a a service using user-centred design.

Guided participants through tools and methods for ideation, user research, prototyping and testing with a focus on service design thinking.

Through this project we introduced tools and methods for ideation, user research, prototyping and testing.

Our involvement in the process was left up to us, so I decided to take part as member of the group and provide assistance while working together.

Peer learning is fun :)


(This really was the brief!)

Idea: SafeBuoy

After a quick brainstorming on an issue the team wanted to cover, we settled on natural disasters and finally zeroed in on areas that frequently hit by Tsunamis.

Insights: Through some secondary research, we found that during natural disasters like a Tsunami, the first need is not to reach a safe point and get in touch with family but rather to survive the first and second waves.

Our solution based on the theme was to create a survival kit that doubled as buoy.

We designed a system and kit which to help those struck by a Tsunami. When a huge wave hits the mechanism, it triggers the release of SafeBuoys – the buoys are carried by the waves which serves to deliver them to those who need them. The buoy acts as a flotation device, containing items to address immediate needs and includes a map to guide survivors to a safe help point. A built in RFID chip helps people be found.

IMG_8681IMG_8652IMG_8716Here the team presents SafeBuoy insights and process.