Working with Dementia Friends to make Manchester a more dementia friendly city.

Role: Experience Design + Research + Strategy
Company: Hyper Island for Dementia Friends and Dementia Action Alliance 

Challenge: How can we make Manchester more ‘dementia friendly?’ Challenge the stigma and raise awareness.

Insights: Awareness in Manchester is very poor and many people have misconceptions about what dementia is. Friends and family of dementia patients also find it difficult to understand how it feels and empathise.

Solution: Raise awareness and turn it into action.

Our installation, the Dementia Friends Challenge Yourself Booth, allows the public to learn about dementia in an engaging and creative way, with our Dementia Empathy Toolbox. They can experience some of the possible symptoms of Dementia while carrying out familiar everyday tasks within our outdoor instillation.

The experience involved taking part in activities with restrictions that help simulate dementia side effects such as glaucoma, arthritis and high sensitivity to noise.

Dementia ToolboxTo bring people to action we focused on harnessing the empathy created from the Dementia-like experience. Upon completing the challenge we turned the feeling of empathy into action, by facilitating a simple and quick sign up and training process on our Dementia Action Alliance App.Dementia App