Supahands: Culture Workshop was a kick-off workshop for an ongoing team-building and culture programme designed to improve communication and team-awareness for the company.

Role: Facilitator

As a fast-paced startup, the team at Supahands was growing quickly. Approaching it’s fourth year in operation, the founders wanted to maintain and improve the already strong open and collaborative culture.

The session gave everyone an opportunity to shape and define the way they’d like to work as a team. As well as introduced activities that allowed the team to explore perspectives other than their own.

I applied Hyper Island methodologies as well as general facilitation and team building techniques to design the content as well as coordinate the activities.


An activity to map out the status quo.

That’s me! :D


20170928_105955 “Container Building” activity to address key issues and articulate expectations.

20170928_130550“Drawing Blind” game.