VLTLabs: Culture Camp was a two day retreat for VLT Labs staff to come together and define the direction of the company. We worked for two days with all staff on team building and improving communication processes.

Role: Facilitator

As a small venture builder, VLT Labs was heading into it’s third birthday. The goal of this retreat was to uniteĀ a team with many new members and to bring clarity to the company’s vision and mission through it’s founders.

For this retreat, I coordinated the two day event with a colleague as well as developed the content using Hyper Island methodologies in addition to various other team development activities.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 01.56.24Reflection Exercise

IMG_9282Exercise on finding what drives each person in the team and how we could align these ambitions to company goals (and vice versa).


IMG_9277Mapping company direction