Supahands is a fast-growing crowdsourced workforce for businesses based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Role: Product Manager

As Product Manager, I oversaw the design and engineering of our core products:-  a consumer-facing web platform. Later, we pivoted this model to a more sustainable and scalable business-to-business model that incorporated an internal operations management platform that we called Workplace.

Building this new platform allowed the team to ease the management of outsourced agents. The successful transition from manual tracking and sourcing of agents to the online platform allowed Supahands to subsequently triple the number of agents because we were able to handle a larger volume and assign agents to specific projects.

For details:

Key responsibilities include managing the global product vision and road-mapping of product milestones. I also work on bringing together design and engineering teams to collaborate with stakeholders on feature determination, product building, and user testing.

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