Engaging the British Gas customers to interact with the company online, instead of other channels.

Role: Concept + User Research + Strategy
Company: Hyper Island for British Gas

Challenge: How can we get consumers to engage with British Gas online to manage their energy accounts?

By encouraging people to switch to paperless billing, they take the first step in seeing British Gas as a digital company.

We found the biggest barrier to engaging people online was the status quo of a generally negative experience when interacting with energy providers.

We therefore focused our journey on how we might change this by an emotional appeal and break the initial barrier of changing the status quo.

We proposed an intercity competition with the goal to get the highest percentage of people to switch to paperless billing.

Each city will have a large projection map of a tree, when they sign up, they can see their leaf fly onto the tree and watch their city get greener.  Ads would be installed around the city, showing people how many have already switched and how much paper they are saving. Each city will also vote on social initiatives that they would like to see in their city, and if they win, British Gas will make that initiative happen.

By using competition, social proofing and the green appeal in our solution, we would motivate people to take a small actionable step to change the status quo and eventually behaviour.